MACHINES, by Rahul Jain for your consideration of Best Documentary for awards and end of year lists. MACHINES premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival and took home a jury award for “Excellence in Cinematography”. MACHINES gives viewers a visually compelling look behind the doors of a textile factory in India, exploring the meaning of modern day labor, exploitation and the human cost of mass production in a globalized world. MACHINES will play this Friday NOV 18th at the Laemmle Playhouse

Director Rahul Jain presents an intimate, observantly portrayal of the rhythm of life and work in a gigantic textile factory in Gujarat, India. Moving through the corridors and bowels of the enormous and disorientating structure, the camera takes the viewer on a journey to a place of dehumanizing physical labor and intense hardship, provoking cause for thought about persistent pre-industrial working conditions and the huge divide between first world and developing countries. Since the 1960s the area of Sachin in western India has undergone unprecedented, unregulated industrialization, exemplified in its numerous textile factories. MACHINES portrays only one of these factories, while at the same time representing the thousands of laborers working, living and suffering in an environment they can’t escape without unity. With strong visual language, memorable images and carefully selected interviews of the workers themselves, Jain tells a story of inequality and oppression, humans and machines.