The danish director Kaspar Astrup Schröder has followed the Danish star-architect over the course of five years. Most people know Bjarke Ingels for his work, but the film BIG TIME gets up and close to the person that is Bjarke Ingels.
What has been the cost of his success? With whom has he chosen to share it? What about love? Does his life leave any room for it? These are some of the questions that the film focuses on – questions that surround everyone in contemporary society. What happens when your health is threatened? What does the success and hard work mean then?

The director Kaspar Astrup Schröder describes the film and his work with Bjarke Ingels:
“It has been a challenge to keep up with everything going on with Bjarke and his company. While doing so, I discovered how much pressure Bjarke was under. It was as if he had put himself in the driver’s seat in a train, which could never stop, and now he had to lay the tracks while managing the steering wheel. Then, some health-related issues arose, and the pressure became even bigger – that’s when I started feeling that the film had the potential of becoming even more universal. That it didn’t “only” have the potential of conveying interesting architecture as well as the fascinating brain behind all of it, but it could also paint the greater picture of the modern man and the choices, he has to make in order to find happiness. A picture of how the little things in life – close relations, love and health – might be more important than we presume.”

Wed, November 15th – 9.15pm – Cinépolis Chelsea 5 Thu, November 16th – 10.30am – IFC

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