Original Music Uncovered

OMU is a TV show that showcases original music and the artist that play that music.. It is also part of an advanced marketing theory

Hello, this is CJ Wright CEO at: Advanced Digital Media Inc. and Rise TV Publishing.

ADM has created an advanced marketing theory that unifies Broadcasting/Advertising/Marketing/and Commerce through what we call “Advanced Cooperative Interaction Symmetry”.

We discovered these advances through intense research and advice from some of the worlds top consultants and advisors in business/economics/marketing/broadcasting and advertising, including Ridge Consulting. This study led to a profound insight into virtual marketing and the future of digital media entertainment.

A big highlight of our model is the creation of new target markets that are segmented by, first collecting, and then indexing consumer data. We call this part of the model – “Viewer/Vendor Dialog Unification Through shared, interest specific, media.”

We design, build, strengthen, and maintain healthy consumer/vendor relationships. One benefit of this approach is that vendor offers, for products and services, can be delivered to prospects that the vendor has already began building brand loyal relationships with. F.B.I. Foundation Before Indication)

While social media platforms use some of these methods, none of them have connected all the user interaction dots. To connect the dots, we are using advanced interaction methods, and ahead of the curve marketing tools and knowledge. Some are brand new in-house innovations, some are from consultants who coach the world’s top corporate planners, and the rest are from our award winning partners MUVI and Marketing 360. My team and I feel confident that this model will overcome a lot more obstacles than older out dated models that hinder many consumers from moving toward a purchase decision.

We are looking forward to launching this advanced IT model (AIT) through our show Original Music Uncovered. We have been given the green light from a local network that has decided to preview a sample show. Marketing 360 will populate our cloud server, provided by MUVI, with music lovers from around the world. We will live stream our show from the network to this server and offer 24/7 VOD inside the OMU app launched through Google play prior to the network television broadcast. This show will be available on any device. One look at our advanced marketing plan and Excel spreadsheet and you know this show will be successful. We expect a great rate of response as well as return on investment for vendors who partner with us. Marketing/Advertising stats like, ACoS, RoR and ROI, are included to improve strategic planning for a vendor offer deployment.

The fast growing demand for online digital media, mobile accessible media, e-commerce, programming and vendor-offer personalization, freedom of media choice, and advances in technology, has revealed an amazing opportunity our model will fully utilize.

Here is a quote from one of our award-winning partners.

Frank Canino – Marketing 360

Marketing Consultant/Designer/Sales August 17, 2017, Frank worked with CJ but at different companies

“CJ has created something that will truly be a treat to musicians and music admirers alike. A true pro in the industry that cares about musicians and is sure to produce great shows!”

This will be the first TV show that incorporates a network ad offer with advances in:

*    Advertising

*  Digital media design

*    Analytics with interpretation of, forecast models, real time market awareness, and vital network statistics

*    Target Market Creation/Targeted Marketing/Social Media Marketing

*    Viewer/media app integration

*    E-commerce and cross platform media access facilitated by our award winning affiliate MUVI with advanced encryption

*    Compelling viewer-vendor symmetry from first contact to close

*    Offer monitoring for vendors with real time analytics of: viewer/offer interactions and viewer provided interest.

*    Expert technical advising during any step of a vendor offer.

We chose the music video broadcast industry as a base to launch because the emotional impact on viewers will easily uncover the validity of our model. Emotion is what triggers the actionable steps consumers initiate during the journey between product interest and product purchase.

With state of the art, real time tracking, that our team provides, vendors are never left in the dark about offer progress, new market opportunities, and statistics about what’s not working so that steps can be taken to make adjustments or improvements.

We are seeking $100,000.00 in funding to deploy this model through our show. It is next to impossible to build a long-term forecasting model for something that has never been attempted before. We have an Excel spreadsheet forecasting our local network affiliates market, but only predictions about our global market, along with creation and reach. On LinkedIn, in an educational marketing course, businesses using mobile apps. showed a 225% ROI. We anticipate breaking 300% ROI and setting records. We have the statistics to forecast our predictions based on emperical research. Each innovation and advance was reached through much thought as well as supporting data from top marketing Universities/Corporate Consultants, broadcast industry experts like Neilson Rating, among other industry experts who spoke on behalf of their respective industries.

We have a complete cost assessment. Our itemized budget is available upon request.

Our state of the art team expects our media cloud server to surpass the audience share of the local network in a short period of time causing high dividends for vendors who partner with ADM Inc. We are willing to offer premium ad placement in our network that incorporates these utilities for sponsors willing to purchase an 8 week ad run to help fund our broadcast for a mere 10,000. Your ad cost is final at signing. You will not be assessed additional cost if our crowd grows past anticipated numbers.

The CPM method, which averages 9 dollars to reach 1000 viewers, puts you at 900 to reach 100,000 one time. We give you 8 local network ads, a native ad in the OMU app, and a rotating ad as people access music media from our cloud server. We anticipate 400,000 viewers before week 8 with our partner Marketing 360 and our OMU app leading the way. It would cost 3,600 for one ad running one time to reach 400,000 people.  Thats a total of 28,000 for just 8 ads on a network channel minus social media marketing, minus our ADM media concept advancements, and minus cross platform access on any device. 10,000 sounds like a better offer to me. This offer is only good for upfront sponsorship of “Original Music Uncovered” and not valid with any other offer from ADM or Rise TV Publishing. Contracted ad extensions must be re-negotiated at normal ad pricing.

When you look at the ACoS compared to the ROI it just makes sense to increase sales using our advanced model.

Help us to make history as we enter this new frontier of user choice driven, app driven, interest specific, media engagement, where the viewer really does have an emotionally tied interest in media participation. We welcome any questions and we look forward to answering them when we review your inquiry.

We are focusing a lot of attention on mobile technology due to a large untapped market potential. Every broadcaster should know this valuable information.

Rise with us into this new digital media frontier where markets will be created by personalizing the viewer experience.

The future of digital media is now and we are that future.


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Watch how fast your business will rise!

As we create a greater market that buys!

Welcome to the new generation of digital media and advanced market creation!

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